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Services for Autism Spectrum Disorders
Center for Disability Services provides innovative services and expert care to individuals with disabilities through every stage of life.

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Center for Disability Services - Autism Spectrum Disorders Services and Training

The Center’s services for individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders include:

Children’s Educational Services
(The Langan School & CloverPatch Early Intervention Program)

Provide specialized programs for children/adolescents, preschool age to age 21, with in Autism Spectrum Disorders.  Our RAAVE Program utilizes various strategies and treatment models designed to Responsibly Address Autism Via Education.  The goal of the RAAVE Program is to provide effective classroom supports for students with Autism Spectrum Disorders and developmental disabilities in order to develop independence and empower individuals to lead healthy, enriched lives.
For More Information, Call: 518-437-5625.

Adult Services
After School/After Work Program, Day Habilitation, Sheltered Employment/Pre-Vocational, and Supported Employment.
For More Information, Call: 518-437-5562.

Professional Coursework & Training:
Center for Disability Services is a NYSED-approved provider for Coursework and Training in the Needs of Students with Autism.

Or click here for scheduled trainings

Health/Medical Services
Child & Adult Psychiatry, Behavior Management, Individual & Group Counseling, Family Therapy, In-home Crisis Prevention Services, In-home Behavior Support Services, Psychological Testing, and Camp Spectacular Summer Day Camp.
For More Information, Call: 518-437-5732 or 518-437-5748.

Residential Services for Eligible Individuals. For More Information, Call: 518-437-5562

Service Coordination
Service Coordination and Family Education & Training for eligible individuals. For More Information, Call:  738-0020 x3717

Resource Links:
Autism Speaks

Asperger's Association of New England

New York ACTS

Center for Disability Services
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