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Our team of experts, consisting of special education teachers, therapists, psychologists, social workers and medical professionals, provide children, from birth to age 21, with a unique educational experience based on the students’ individual needs. Our goal is to provide students with a safe, nurturing environment that promotes learning and encourages each student to reach their fullest potential.

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Langan School

Kevin G. Langan School
Our educational services are tailored to students, ages 5-21, with multiple disabilities, autism and traumatic brain injuries. Our school consists of Primary and Secondary Classrooms, where students are assigned based upon their age and level of learning.

As part of our curriculum process, we have adopted the COACH Program (Choosing Outcomes and Accommodations for Children) to assist us in developing the most meaningful educational program for each of our students. COACH was designed to encourage parents and professionals to think about educational planning priorities in new ways that can add clarity and relevance to the IEP process; thus, providing quality education that best supports the unique needs of students with severe disabilities.

Our secondary students have the opportunity to attend the school prom and to proudly participate in graduation.

Our hallways are “roaring” with school spirit, lead by our mascot, the Langan Lion.

We also offer summer sessions.

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Responsibly Addressing Autism Via Education (R.A.A.V.E.)
Our R.A.A.V.E. classrooms provide an active educational program for children with Autism, Asperger’s Syndrome, other Pervasive Developmental Disability (including PDD-NOS), and significant deficits in communication, social skills and behavioral development.  An appropriate setting is chosen based on the specific needs of each student.  Settings include home-based and Center-based programs.  Our program fits the student, not the reverse.  Our focus is on the student’s strengths.
Our R.A.A.V.E. Program is offered through both our CloverPatch and Langan School Programs

After School Programs for Preschool & School-Aged Students
We offer recreational activities, such as arts & crafts, swimming, and outdoor adventures, while meeting the schedule needs of their working families and caregivers.

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Mobility Opportunities Via Education (M.O.V.E.)
In May of 2009, we were honored to be officially designated as a model site by MOVE International--joining a distinguished group of only 27 other model sites in the world!

Our M.O.V.E. Program is offered through both our CloverPatch and Langan School Programs.

In our M.O.V.E. classroom, students with impaired motor skills are encouraged to explore and discover new ways of movement and "getting around" their environment through motivation from trained professionals and use of specialized, adaptive equipment. Our goal is to help children with disabilities to acquire increased independence in sitting, standing, and transitioning, and to experience better health and enhanced personal dignity. The M.O.V.E. experience is also available to adult consumers through our Adult Services, increasing their independence and self-esteem in employment and day habilitation environments.


Center for Disability Services
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