The Family Group and the Center for Disability Services are partners in a common mission.

We're an incorporated, non-profit volunteer organization dedicated to supporting consumers, families and caregivers, staff, programs and services at the Center for Disability Services.

The Family Group includes more than 1,400 individuals whose child, sibling, or other relative receives services from the Center. It has its own Board of Directors, and its own operating budget independent of the Center for Disability Services.

The Group provides a family perspective, which ensures that, even in a large organization such as ours, services are personal and individual.


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Center for Disability Services

The Family Group offers the following services:

We sponsor 4-6 programs each year to members and the community, including health care for women with disabilities, a hands-on guardianship workshop, effective legislative advocacy, presentations by government officials.

The Legislative Liaison Committee systematically and regularly advocates for our disabled family members, improving communication and strengthening relationships with our elected representatives and other government officials.

The Consumer Special Needs Fund supports the quality of life, dignity and respect of each consumer by providing financial assistance for important items and services that would be otherwise unattainable (e.g. transportation for a youngster to summer camp, out-of-state travel, with staff, to reunions with families, and headstones for those who pass away with no family to mark their burial site).

One of our main objectives, is to support and encourage staff. The Family Group underwrites the cost of an annual recognition event, and sponsors several staff tuition reimbursement program.

Many parents of individuals with disabilities express concern about who will be able to make decisions for their family member when they themselves have passed away. This is especially a worry for those who do not have another family member to step into the role. The Family Group, in conjunction with Cerebral Palsy Association of New York State, has the answer to address that concern. CP of NYS has received state approval to serve as a corporate guardian and the Family Group has stepped up to take on the role of liaison for families by establishing a local committee to identify and respond to guardianship issues.

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Center for Disability Services
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