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Our practitioners and staff are among the most experienced, best qualified providers in the Capital Region.

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Maria Kansas Devine, M.D.
Chief Medical Officer

Primary Care

Maria Kansas Devine, MD

Cecilia Clair, FNP

Christa Dunne, MD


Mary Anne Martin, NPP

Michael R. Priest, MD

Harvey Scherer, MD


Steve Marcal, Psy.D

Yiping Sherer, Psy.D

Social Workers

Deb Lovejoy, LCSW-R

Tara Penesso, LCSW-R

Nancy Barrows, LCSW

Susan Wildemann, LCSW

JoAnne VanAller-Smith, LCSW-R




Samuel Koszer, MD

Glenn Castandeda, MD

Medical Specialties
& Outpatient Therapies

Sandra Berger, MD

Gary Guilfoyle, Aud

Sara Abigail Huss, MD

Occupational Therapists

Nina Fusco, OTR

Physical Therapists

Elizabeth Keating, PT

Kathleen Carroll, PTA

Specialty Medicine

Pratik Vyas, OD




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Petra V. Enzien, DMD

Sonia Rai, DMD

Dennis J. Valerio, DDS

Tina Fagan, DDS

Dental Hygienists

Leslie Dumont, RDH

Linda Janeka, RDH

Sherrie LeVan, RDH

Krystal Mollitor, RDH


Center for Disability Services
314 South Manning Boulevard, Albany, New York 12208 • 518-437-5700

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