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Happy Nurse Appreciation Week!

Happy Nurses Week to all of our nursing staff across the Center! Now more than ever, our nurses' commitment to caring for the people we support is appreciated each and every day. Our nursing staff continues to provide the highest level of care to every person we support, even in the most challenging times.

Thank you nurses for everything you do.  You are all heroes!

Thank You from Greg Sorrentino

As we celebrate Nurses Week, it is a time to reflect on all the lives you touch, and care you provide to children, and adults throughout our programs.  We are a large organization, with many clinical needs, in many settings, that require caring and dedicated nurses to assess clinical situations, and then provide direct service, educate, counsel, and document, all in a day’s work, all in a team effort.   

According to Gallup poll released in January 2020, Nurses were ranked as the most-trusted profession in the United States for the 18th year in a row.  This type of response reflects the level of trust that everyone at the Center has believed and operated under for our nurses all along.  The nurses in the various Center programs, including St. Margaret’s, Residential, Children’s services, Center Heath Care, and our Day Programs, represents many different scenarios, and many different skill sets, and you, our nurses perform at the highest level to meet the needs of those we support and their families.

Over the last two months, COVID-19 has added additional challenges and scenarios that we never imagined or anticipated.  Your response and professionalism during this COVID crisis has been admirable and appreciated. You have managed your work responsibilities, providing the highest quality of care to the people we support, while managing your responsibilities at home and keeping your own families safe.  Thank you for the role you play as part of the Center’s team.

Happy Nurses Appreciation Week, we appreciate all you do.


Greg Sorrentino

President and CEO