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Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week to our amazing and dedicated Education Team at the Center for Disability Services! It’s not just lessons that our teachers focus on, it’s more. Social experience and activities are a huge part of our students' daily routines at school. The entire team at the Langan Schools and CloverPatch Preschools in Albany and Queensbury have gotten very creative in meeting these challenges, going above and beyond every day to ensure that every student continues to receive the highest quality of education and social experience, all virtually.

Nothing can stop our team from providing the most exceptional services to the individuals we support, even during these challenging times. Thank you to our educators, you are all our heroes!

Thank You to our Educators from Greg Sorrentino

Teacher appreciation week is the opportunity for the students, the parents, co-workers, and the community to thank the teachers, and educators who make an incredible impact in the day to day lives of their students.

Unlike any time in our history, this year we celebrate you, not through a smile or hug from your student’s, lunch in our cafeteria, or parades through the hallways.  This year, your celebration, much like your classroom, will be done remotely, but also like your classroom, with the same pride and commitment, as if we were live.

The appreciation of your work, and dedication to your students has never been more apparent and valued than it has been this past two months.  You have taken your learning environment, and completely modified it to adapt to the “new normal” or at least what we will call the COVID-19 normal.  You have embraced this situation, and have made adjustments to your day to day lesson plans, that I am sure even you never imagined was possible.  What makes this that much more impressive, is that you did this while managing your own home, families, and their safety at the same time.

There is no better time than teacher appreciation week, to recognize you for the work you do each day with our students, especially the work you have done these past two months, making sure that no child is left behind, and no family is left unsupported.  Your work is admired, appreciated, and respected not only by those that are directly benefitting, but by those of us who get to see the impact of your work throughout the year.

With much appreciation,

Greg Sorrentino

President and CEO