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Supporting 12,000 people of all ages who have disabilities and their families

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80 locations throughout the 15 county Capital and Saratoga/Lake George region.

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One of upstate New York's largest providers of programs and services for individuals with disabilities.

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80 + locations

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A community resource for 77 years.

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The Center provides specialized healthcare, not only to individuals with disabilities, but to anyone in the community

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Annual budget of $134 million.

Octo "The Fighter" Inspires Us All

June 2019, Octavius got to start his new life. Octo is turning four this month. He spent the first year of his life in a hospital, then entered the care of St. Margaret's Center — the Center For Disability Services' 24-hour skilled nursing facility.


Octo came to the Center fully ventilator-dependent. He faced an uphill battle and a life of living in a hospital setting. Over the next two years he received occupational therapy and respiratory treatments at St. Margarets. He defied the odds, and on a triumphant day in June he went home for the first time.


We learned a lesson from Octavius:

Although life can present many obstacles, none are stronger than hope and determination.


Octo's story is just one way the Center pursues its mission to enable and empower people, primarily those with disabilities, to lead healthy and enriched lives. 

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Adult Day Services & Residential Services
The Without Walls Program (WOW) continues to grow! WOW focuses on getting individuals involved in the community, and we are currently supporting over 30 individuals. Thanks to grant funding through the New York Statewide Health Care Facility Transformation Program, the Center was able to install Telemedicine Alternatives ER and Urgent Care specialized for individuals with disabilities in each of the Center’s residences, enabling direct access to telemedicine services

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Center Health Care
In 2019, Center Health Care was able to realize a goal to provide more comprehensive eye health to patients. For individuals with disabilities, proper eye care can be a challenge. Center Health Care was able to acquire state-of-the-art eye screening and spot fitting equipment that is already improving the lives of those we support!

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Educational Services
The Clover Patch Preschool site in Glenville installed a Snoezelen (controlled multi-sensory environment) room in 2019. This therapy for autism and other developmental disabilities places the person in a soothing and stimulating environment. Langan School at Prospect Center in Queensbury, also added a school age classroom.

Wendy has been part of the Center family for 52 years. She started in the nursery program and graduated from Langan School; then moved on to work at 700, is now in the day habilitation program and living in a Center supported apartment. One of the many very important things I have learned, and take comfort in, is that there are many essential supports in place for each stage of Wendy’s life through the Center for Disability Services. Without opportunities that the Center is able to offer us, Wendy would not have the support of highly skilled staff who each treat her in a kind, loving and respectful way every day. She is happy and safe; her life has meaning and is full.

- Joan Hotaling

We have a son, Brian, who has received support in a residential and day program for over 20 years by staff who care for all his needs and wants. We look forward to seeing him continue to grow with the Center during his life and beyond mine and my wife’s. While we as a family are comforted to know he is taken care of, we believe in the mission of the Center and support it each year in many ways.

- Elizabeth and Stanley Gee

As a parent that has been part of the Center family for sixteen years, one very important thing I have learned, and take comfort in, is that there is necessary support in place for each stage of Amanda’s life through the Center. Amanda transitioned from Early Intervention Services to Preschool and now attends Langan School’s secondary program. Without the school program and the other opportunities that the Center is able to offer us, Amanda would not have the support of highly skilled staff that treat each individual with a kind, loving, respectful and nurturing way.

- Michelle Canaday

When my now sixteen year old son was almost three, I fully intended to continue home-based Early Intervention services and to then home school him. How could I send my child, with so many complex needs out into the world with confidence that he was getting the level of care and attention I could provide at home? After one very brief glimpse of the Center’s CloverPatch preschool, I immediately scheduled a tour and decided to enroll him that fall. It is a decision that transformed both of our lives for the better. Watching Aaron transition from preschool to the Langan School has been awe inspiring. He has made strides on all of his educational goals and been engaged with peers and the community in ways I never could have provided for him through home school—and all while under the care of skilled, compassionate and devoted staff that see him as the unique person and not just a diagnosis. While all parents worry about their child’s future, my concerns are greatly eased by knowing the Center and its lifelong programs of care are there to support him and to help him live his best life possible.

- Theresa Raker

Prospect Center, an affiliate of the Center, has held a special place in our hearts for the last 3-years. In 2017, when two of our children were diagnosed with a terminal, degenerative illness, we immediately mourned what we thought would be the loss of their school experience. We had no idea a place like Prospect existed that would not only educate them and provide therapy, but also love them so much. Our children have experienced things at Prospect that they would never have been able to otherwise. Class field trips, group trick or treating, visits from therapy pigs, and more. I have the privilege of volunteering at the Center weekly and can attest to the wonderful works of all the staff in the building. We are appealing on behalf of our kids, on behalf of every child at Prospect, to the community to help us fund a playground. To see every child experience play and joy on the equipment will be a legacy carried on after our children are gone. All of our love,

- DeForest, Crystal, Adeline, Beatrix,& Moses Hinman

We are so grateful to be able to utilize many of the programs and services provided by the Center’s Down Syndrome Aim High Resource Center. The dedicated staff have been instrumental in helping with our daughters IEP development and attending parent teacher conferences, CPSE and CSE meetings with us.

- Heather Smith and Peter Atzemis