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New York State Health Care Facility Transformation Grant!


We are excited to announce that the Center for Disability Services and The ARC of Rensselaer County have been awarded a grant through New York State’s Statewide Health Care Facility Transformation Program! This will help us further enhance Center Health Care’s services to offer Telemedicine Alternatives to the Emergency Room and Urgent Care specialized for individuals with developmental and intellectual disabilities who live in Center and ARC Residences. With this grant money, the Center was able to acquire telemedicine equipment for each Center and ARC house. The platform enables direct access to telemedicine services as well as insuring patient privacy in compliance with HIPAA. 

The Center successfully installed Telemedicine Alternatives in 50 of the Center's residences, with an additional 7 Center residences being installed in the spring under a different grant opportunity. Approximately 400 individuals living within Center Programs will benefit from this technology.

In addition, 17 residential sites and 80 individuals living with Rensselaer ARC, who partnered with the Center for Disability Services on the grant funding will have access to the Telemedicine Alternative. The platform enables direct access to telemedicine services and ensures patient privacy in compliance with HIPAA. Since these have been installed, Center for Disability Services residents have avoided 18 Emergency Room/Urgent Care visits in November, 20 in December, and 28 in January.