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Center Presented with 2021 Award for Outstanding Physical Therapy Clinical Education Site

Nancy Hellman, Director of Clinical Education, Associate Professor at The Sage Colleges, and Co-Chair of the New York New Jersey Physical Therapy Clinical Education Consortium, presented the Center for Disability Services with the 2021 Award for the Outstanding Physical Therapy Clinical Education Site. A tremendous honor for the Center and our outstanding Physical Therapy Department staff and management team for their work with students in supporting their clinical education through  Sage College. This award recognizes the Center for Disability Services with past recipients which include Mt. Sinai Hospital, Montifiore Medical Center and SUNY Upstate Medical Center.

This award was the best kind of award because it reflects a team of people at the Center and their efforts to mentor and assist students at a crucial part of their education process.  In addition, it identifies again the collaboration between the Center and Sage Colleges, much like we do with other institutions in the region, emphasizing the need for community partners in developing a better product for the region and those we support. Congratulations to the Center team.