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LQSI Manufacturing Face Shields in Partnership with NYSID


Greg Sorrentino and Maureen O'Brien delivered the first batch of face shields to Albany Medical Center on Friday, May 1.

Photo L-R: Dennis McKenna, M.D., President & CEO of Albany Medical Center; Maureen O'Brien, President & CEO of NYSID; Greg Sorrentino, President & CEO of Center for Disability Services.


The Center for Disability Services is proud to team up with the New York State Industries for the Disabled (NYSID) to manufacture 800 face shields that will be donated to our colleagues on the front lines of COVID-19 at Albany Med. The shields are being manufactured through the Life Quality Solutions Incubator (LQSI), the research and development arm of the Center for Disability Services. LQSI is is staffed by college engineering students, who are supervised by a part-time mechanical engineer, and a volunteer bio-medical engineer.

This project began when Maureen O'Brien, President and CEO of NYSID watched a press conference and learned about Albany Med's need for face shields. O'Brien reached out to NYSID member agencies to see if anyone had the capability to manufacture face shields. The Center's President and CEO Greg Sorrentino knew it was possible for the Center to help with this project via the Life Quality Solutions Incubator. Sorrentino reached out to to the team at LQSI and they swiftly took on the task of manufacturing the shields.

“The Life Quality Solutions Incubator has been funded through the generosity of our community. Now, through this endeavor, we are able to give back to the community. The entire purpose of this incubator has been to improve lives and while we never imagined it would be used in this way, we are thrilled we can improve the lives of those who provide life-saving work at Albany Med,” said Sorrentino.

“Albany Med continues to be overwhelmed by the unwavering support of our community,” said Dennis P. McKenna, M.D., President and CEO of Albany Med. “NYSID and the Center for Disability Services’ generous donation of several hundred manufactured face shields helps us ensure we have an adequate supply of personal protective equipment to support our health care workers who are working so tirelessly on the frontlines to safely deliver care for our patients."