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Program Spotlight: St. Margaret’s Center

The Center for Disability Services offers many programs for a variety of needs, but almost all center on health care. St. Margaret’s Center is a crucial component of the Center for Disability Services’ mission —  to empower people, primarily those with disabilities, to lead healthy and enriched lives.

Founded in 1883, St. Margaret’s Center is a skilled nursing facility serving medically fragile infants, children and young adults on a single dedicated campus. St. Margaret’s specializes in providing long-term, 24-hour skilled nursing care in a nurturing and home-like setting. We firmly believe that comfort and support are crucial aspects of healthcare, especially when the patient is a child.

At St. Margaret’s Center, the goal is to help children learn and grow, despite any obstacle. We pursue this goal through:

  • Innovative programs
  • Technology
  • Specialized care from our highly trained nursing staff, respiratory therapists, and therapy department
  • Attending physicians from Albany Med Pediatric Center and the Center for Disability Services

In addition to providing a high level of skilled nursing services, St. Margaret’s Center also serves as a resource for families. This is an essential component of St. Margaret’s care as families are caregivers that make the most impact on a child or young adult’s life. Families also benefit from a helping hand to navigate the sometimes-complex healthcare coordination process. Family services include:

  • Return-to-home family training
  • Advocacy with Medicaid and other funding sources
  • Social work and case management services
  • On-site furnished apartments for family stays
  • Family-focused events and activities

St. Margaret’s Center prides itself on the many children who have successfully transitioned back into their own homes. In several cases, our programs, technology, and medical expertise have made it possible for children to be weaned off of ventilators, move back home, and progress to less restrictive environments.

St. Margaret’s is just one of the many programs and services provided by the Center for Disability Services, and one key method for serving our community.