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This position has additional requirements that have to be met per regulatory requirements.

• Check on criminal history run by social security number


• Essential Physical Functions are the ability to consistently and regularly: 1. Bend, stoop, squat, kneel, sit, stand, and lift. 2. The employee must regularly lift and or move individuals - i.e., may be required to lift 50 pounds independently (example: a one person lift), up to 150 pounds with assistance of another staff (example: a two person lift), and use a mechanical lift device as assigned. 3. Staff may push/pull various items and equipment ie. manual and power wheelchair and equipment 4. Staff will follow mobility fact sheets and/or directives of program therapist. 5. Transfer, move, reposition, shift and place people in pieces of equipment necessary for their physical circumstance ensuring their safety, comfort and their natural living conditions – these requirements include transfers, lifting individuals from various levels – i.e., floor, tubs/showers, in/out of pools. 6. React to a life-threatening emergency or to intervene in a crisis situation including using your body as an intervention (SCIP or other approved techniques) as prescribed, to assure safety of the individuals. 7. Under emergency evacuation situations, must be able to assist in evacuation of the consumers.

• Proof of highest level of education

• Reference from last employer and two business or personal references

• Clearance from Child Abuse, Neglect and Maltreatment Registry

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