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Technical Capabilities

Document Integrity

The Center utilizes industry-leading software to provide the highest levels of Client Document Integrity. The Center uses file-based integrity processing, which provides real-time job level and mailpiece level tracking and reporting. The system has the capability of reading a 1D or a 2D bar code. It is a closed-loop process that delivers a higher level of mail piece integrity than any other inserting system available today. High amounts of information about each mail piece can be sent to one or multiple inserters and back to the client via input and output files. The file-based control system includes:

  • High integrity tracking and logging of each mailpiece through each step of the inserting and finishing process to support proof of mailing and automatic regeneration
  • Verifying the information scanned in the barcode on the document is correct by comparing that information to the data in the Mail Run Data File

The system is designed to accept a Mail Run Data File. The Mail Run Data File (MRDF) is a data file where each record in the file represents each envelope and its contents.