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Prospect Center

About Us

Prospect Center, located in Queensbury, NY, offers multi-faceted services for at-risk and developmentally disabled individuals in our community.  We became affiliated with the Center for Disability Services, located in Albany, NY, in 2013. Our Mission is to enable and empower people, primarily those with disabilities, to lead healthy and enriched lives.

In the late 1940’s, a handful of parents began to search for help and answers for their disabled children. Finally in 1950, the first clinic offering specialized medical, surgical and physical therapy for disabled children began. Soon there were 60 families receiving services from the clinic. The Center was born with incorporation as United Cerebral Palsy of Glens Falls and was the beginning of an organized approach to treat children with cerebral palsy and other disabilities.

As the organization grew it began offering a wider range of services for a broader spectrum of disabilities, never losing sight of its core mission, to help people get better at life.

Since the beginning, the Center has advocated for the equality and inclusion of people who have disabilities and helping to change community perception and attitudes about those with disabilities. We have supported families and individuals and helped them get the services they need.

As the world continues to change, we look forward to greater inclusion and opportunity for people who have disabilities and working to make sure the people we serve are able to direct their own lives and achieve their dreams.

Board of Directors

Carl Cedrone

Stephanie Londrigan
Vice President

Helen Williams


William Richmond, IV
Immediate Past President


Colleen Chmiel

Gary Edie

Kristin Howarth

David Kaiser

Puter Kudan

Zack A. Moore

James Morris, IV

Elias Socolof, MD